The Rise and Fall of Threads App: Meta’s User Engagement Struggles


Threads, the new social media app developed by Meta, led by Mark Zuckerberg, stormed into the limelight with a jaw-dropping 100 million user sign-ups within just five days of its launch.

It seemed like a potential rival to Twitter and the fastest-growing app ever.

However, things took a different turn as the app faced a significant drop in user engagement after the initial excitement faded. In an internal meeting, Mark Zuckerberg admitted this and said he’s hopeful for the future.

Let’s explore the challenges faced by Threads and Meta’s plans to improve it.

Theads App Lost Followers

The Big Rise and Then the Fall

Threads’ launch was epic, and it looked like Meta was about to dominate the social media scene.

But reality struck when the app lost more than half its users soon after.

This sudden drop was a big disappointment and a setback to their dreams of becoming a major player in the social media world.

What Mark Zuckerberg Says

Mark Zuckerberg didn’t hide the truth. He confessed that the number of people sticking with Threads wasn’t as high as they had hoped.

But he also said this is common in the tech world.

He’s optimistic about making the app better by adding more cool stuff for users.

Meta’s Plan to Get Back on Track

Meta’s Chief Product Officer, Chris Cox, shared a plan to get more people interested in Threads again.

They want to make sure people using Instagram can also see important

Threads’ content. By joining the two apps together, they hope to attract more users and keep them engaged.

It’s Normal for Apps to Lose Users

Don’t panic, losing users is normal, especially for new apps. Keeping people interested in something new can be tough.

Mark Zuckerberg’s reassurance that this is a normal part of the process might ease some worries.

Comparing Threads to Twitter

People are comparing Threads to Twitter, a huge social media platform with its own share of struggles against potential rivals.

Even though Threads has a smaller user base, it’s seen as the biggest competitor to Twitter yet.

Threads let users post text, and links, and interact with others, similar to Twitter’s style.

Looking Forward to Meta

The road ahead for Meta is challenging. They need to get Threads back on track and show that they’re a real contender in the social media world.

Their focus on improving the app and making users happy indicates they’re serious about bouncing back.


Threads, the social media app by Meta and Mark Zuckerberg, made a dazzling entry with millions of users signing up in no time. But then, user engagement took a hit.

Mark Zuckerberg admitted this happens and remains hopeful for the future. Meta’s plan to make Threads better and connect it with other platforms shows they’re not giving up.

Time will tell if Threads can make a grand comeback and take on the big players in the social media game.

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