7 Free Time Tracking Apps (2023)

Time Tracking Apps


In the fast-paced digital age, effective time management is crucial for personal and professional success. Fortunately, there are several free time tracking apps available in 2023 that can help you optimize your productivity and achieve your goals.

In this article, we will explore seven of these popular apps, highlighting their features, benefits, and how they can assist you in tracking and managing your time efficiently.

1. Toggl

Toggl is a well-known time-tracking app that offers a free plan with essential features. It allows you to monitor and manage your time across multiple devices, making it ideal for individuals and small teams.

With Toggl, you can effortlessly track your time spent on various projects and tasks, providing valuable insights into your productivity patterns.

The app generates detailed reports that enable you to analyze how you allocate your time and identify areas for improvement. Toggl’s user-friendly interface and seamless integrations with other tools make it a popular choice for professionals seeking a simple yet powerful time-tracking solution.

2. Harvest

Harvest is another widely used time-tracking app that offers a free plan for individuals. This app not only tracks your time but also helps you create invoices and generate reports to monitor your projects and tasks effectively.

With Harvest, you can easily record your working hours, assign them to specific projects or clients, and ensure accurate billing. The app’s reporting capabilities allow you to gain insights into your productivity and make informed decisions based on the data.

Harvest also offers integrations with popular project management and accounting tools, further enhancing its functionality and usefulness.

3. Clockify

Clockify provides a free time tracking solution that caters to both individuals and teams. With Clockify, you can track time for unlimited projects and team members, making it suitable for freelancers, small businesses, and remote teams.

The app offers features such as detailed reporting, reminders, and integrations with other tools like Slack and Trello.

Clockify’s user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation make it easy to track time and analyze your productivity. Whether you need to monitor billable hours or simply want to gain insights into how you spend your time, Clockify offers a robust and flexible solution without breaking the bank.

4. RescueTime

RescueTime takes a unique approach to time tracking by focusing on understanding your digital habits and improving productivity.

This app automatically tracks the time you spend on different websites and applications, providing you with a comprehensive view of your online activities.

RescueTime generates detailed reports and provides insightful analytics, allowing you to identify time-wasting behaviors and make adjustments to enhance your efficiency. Additionally, RescueTime offers customizable alerts and goals, helping you stay on track and avoid distractions.

Whether you’re a student, professional, or freelancer, RescueTime empowers you to take control of your digital life and make the most of your time.

5. TSheets

TSheets offers a free plan designed for individuals and small teams seeking time-tracking and scheduling features. With TSheets, you can easily track time from various devices, assign tasks to team members, and generate accurate timesheets.

The app also provides a user-friendly dashboard where you can view real-time data and gain insights into your team’s productivity. TSheets integrates seamlessly with popular payroll and accounting systems, streamlining the time tracking and payroll processes.

Whether you’re managing remote employees or tracking your own work hours, TSheets offers a reliable and efficient solution to track, manage, and optimize your time.

6. Hubstaff

Hubstaff offers a free plan tailored for single users with limited features. This app enables you to track time, take screenshots, and monitor activity levels, providing transparency and accountability for individuals working remotely or on flexible schedules.

Hubstaff’s intuitive interface allows you to easily track your time and measure your productivity. The app also offers basic reporting capabilities, allowing you to review your tracked hours and identify areas for improvement.

While the free plan has certain limitations, Hubstaff offers additional premium plans with advanced features for teams and businesses that require more robust time tracking and management solutions.

7. Forest

Forest takes a unique and gamified approach to time tracking by helping you stay focused and avoid distractions.

With Forest, you “plant” virtual trees that grow as long as you stay focused on your work. If you succumb to distractions and leave the app, the tree withers away.

The app encourages you to build a forest of productive time by rewarding your focus and discouraging phone use during work periods.

 Forest’s visually appealing interface, along with its motivational concept, makes it a popular choice for individuals looking to improve their concentration and time management skills.


Effective time management is crucial for maximizing productivity and achieving personal and professional goals. In 2023, numerous free time tracking apps offer valuable features to help individuals and teams track, manage, and optimize their time. Whether you need basic time tracking, detailed reports, integration with other tools, or gamified productivity, the seven apps discussed in this article—Toggl, Harvest, Clockify, RescueTime, TSheets, Hubstaff, and Forest—can assist you in organizing your time, boosting your efficiency, and achieving a healthy work-life balance. Explore these apps, find the one that suits your needs, and take control of your time to unlock your true potential.

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